LADDER SAFETY TRAINING (Safely use a range of ladders in the workplace)

Do you have people using or working on ladders in your workplace?

Would a full blown "Work Safelty at Heights" course, which deals mainly with using harnesses, be overkill for your people?

This may be the course for you.

Provide participants with the knowledge and skill to safely inspection, set up, taverse and where required, work off various types of ladder in a number of different workplace situations to comply with these regulations, standards and codes of practice:
  • WA OHS Act (1984)
  • OSH Regulations (WA) 1996 - (Regulation 3.26. Portable ladders)
  • Australian Standards AS/NZS 1891.4 ans AS/NZS 1892 series
  • Worksafe WA - Code of Practice: Prevention of Falls in the Workplace (Section 9 Ladders: portable and fixed)
  • Manufacturers Recommendation

Content Summary

  • Performing a Hazard Assessment of the proposed work area
  • Pre start safety inspection
  • Use of appropriate PPE
  • Manual handling issues associated with ladder use
  • Correct choice of ladder for task at hand
  • Safe assembly/setup of the ladder for assigned task
  • Stabilizing the ladder using various methods
  • Safe & correct traversing of the ladder
  • Safely work from a ladder
  • Safely packing down and store the ladder
  • Clean up of the area
  • Maintenance/care of tools & equipment

Ladder Types
Ladders will include but not be limited to: Step Ladders, Extension Ladders, Aluminium Ladders, Wooden ladders, Fibreglass Ladders, Fixed ladders, Industrial Ladders, Trestels etc.

Recognition of Training
A Certificate of competency: "Safely Use Step and Extension Ladder", will be issued to applicants who meet the criteria required this course. This may require supplementary evidence in the form of a report from a suitable supervisor, or further assessment.

Training Delivery:
Training and assessments conducted by A Plus Training Solutions, holder of Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110 & TAA40104) for assessment

Courses will where practicable be conducted on client's premises or at our training site in Carlisle WA.

3 hours for most participants.
Some participants, due to a variety of factors, may require more time to develop the knowledge & skills required to demonstrate competency.

Course Fees:
$180.00 (GST Free) per person: 3 hour course.

Eligible for CTF rebate

Supervised written and/or verbal and practical assessment.

Participants will need to bring their own PPE (personal protective equipment). This can include:

  • Approved eye protection (safety glasses)
  • Close fitting clothing
  • Enclosed sturdy footwear
  • Gloves (if preferred)
  • High visibility clothing (not loose fitting vest)

    All other required equipment and training notes are provided for participant's use.

    Demonstration of Competence:
    From experience, we find that people have different levels of ability and experience when it comes to handling machinery. If a person, due to a lack of experience, requires more time to develop their skills, more time for practical application may be needed to increase their skills up to a competent level.

    Personal Requirements:
    Depending on location of the training, and availability of take away food outlets, it is advisable for trainees to bring own food and plenty of drinking water to training session.

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