SMALL PLANT AND EQUIPMENT SAFETY TRAINING (Safely operate a range small plant and equipment)

Training Delivery:

Training and assessments conducted by A Plus Training Solutions, holder of Certificate IV Training and Assessment (TAE40110 & TAA40104) for assessment against:

AQF Unit of Competency:

RIISAM204D (Replaces RIISAM204A and B) Operate Small Plant and Equipment


Provide participants with the knowledge and skill to:
1. Safely operate a range of small plant and equipment
2. Safely perform appropriate pre start and maintenance tasks correctly
3. Apply recommended safety operation and techniques as per manufacturer's operation instructions and AQF Unit of Competency

Range Statement

Small Plant and Equipment must include power source and at least 3 other categories:

  • Power Sources include: generator, compressor, inverter, solar

  • Compaction equipment may include: plate compactor, pedestrian roller

  • Concrete equipment may include: concrete mixer, batcher, vibration, trowelling machine (helicopter)

  • Excavation equipment may include: mini loader (dingo), jackhammer, posthole borer, pedestrian trencher

  • Cutting equipment may include: masonry saw, construction saw, band saw

  • Maintenance equipment may include: mower, brushcutter, mulcher

  • Water equipment may include: pump, spear, pressure cleaner

  • Lighting equipment may include: mobile lighting plant

  • Lifting and materials handling pedestrian forklift, pallet trolleys, hoist

  • Traffic Management may include: mobile variable message sign

Recognition of Training

A nationally recognised Statement of Attainment to unit of competency: RIISAM204D: Operate Small Plant and Equipment will be issued (by RTO # 0846) to applicants who meet the criteria required from the Training Package. This may require supplementary evidence in the form of a report from a suitable supervisor, or further assessment.


Courses will where practicable be conducted on client's premises. If sufficient area or venue is not available, a venue and practical activity site may be organised at additional cost.


RPL Recognition of Prior Learning: A Plus Training Solutions will recognise the fact if you have had experience operating and performing maintenance on a range of hand and power tools, or other relevant industry experience, and can therefore attend the short course. Participants will still need to do the full assessment, but may be precluded from areas of the training where you are already operating within the requirements of the guidelines.

  • 8 hours for most participants.

  • Some participants, due to a variety of factors, may require more time to develop the knowledge & skills required to demonstrate competency.

Course Fees:

The courses will be run in groups of 4 to 10 participants at a cost of:

$290.00 (GST Free) per person: 8 hour course.

Eligible for CTF rebate

Individuals or smaller groups should contact us, as we may be able to fit you into a larger group, otherwise fees will be negotiated.

A surcharge fee may apply for any work on weekends or public holidays

Country / Interstate Clients

Travel and accommodation costs may need to be added where applicable.

Content Summary

  • Personal protective equipment (as listed below)
  • Hazard/ risk assessment and management
  • Pre start safety inspection
  • Daily maintenance
  • Safe operation
  • Practical application and skills development
  • Written / verbal assessment
  • Practical assessment


Supervised written and/or verbal and practical assessment.


Participants will need to bring their own PPE (personal protective equipment) appropriate to tools being covered. This can include:

  • Approved eye protection (safety glasses or goggles & face shield or perspex visor)
  • Hearing protection (ear plugs or ear muffs)
  • Hard Hat
  • Safety boots
  • Gloves (depending on tools selected)
  • High visibility clothing (not loose fitting vest)
  • Breathing Equipment Where applicable

  • Appropriate small plant and equipment, in good, safe serviceable condition, access to appropriate power source and material for practical equipment use.

    If you are unable to provide all this equipment please contact us. We may be able to make other arrangements. All other required equipment and training notes are provided for participant's use.

    Demonstration of Competence:

    From experience, we find that people have different levels of ability and experience when it comes to handling machinery. If a person, due to a lack of experience, requires more time to develop their skills, more time for practical application may be needed to increase their skills up to a competent level.

    Personal Requirements:

    Depending on location of the training, and availability of take away food outlets, it is advisable for trainees to bring own food and plenty of drinking water to training session.

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